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How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK is a non-invasive eye surgery that uses a laser to reshape the cornea, allowing patients to become less dependent on glasses and contact lenses. The number of LASIK surgeries performed annually in the U.S. increased by 124,000 between 2015 and 2020 and is projected to grow annually by a rate of 6.48% between 2021… Read More

Glaucoma Laser Surgery

Do you suffer from glaucoma and need relief? Have you tried prescription eye drops only to be disappointed with the results? Glaucoma Laser Surgery might be the right option for you. Keep reading to learn about this procedure and how it could give you the eye relief you need.  What Is Glaucoma Laser Surgery? Glaucoma… Read More

Cataract Treatment: Cataract Lens Options (IOLs)

Are you around the age of 60 or older? Have you noticed changes in your vision quality? With aging comes changes to parts of your body, including your eyes. This could be due to a cataract inside your eye, which can cause the natural lens in your eye to become cloudy. If the quality of… Read More

Treating Dry Eye with the TearCare Procedure

An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from or are predisposed to dry eye disease, DED. Mild dry eye can affect routine activities such as reading, working on a computer, or driving. Severe cases of DED can significantly impact your sight quality. To treat dry eye symptoms, people often turn to over-the-counter medications or artificial tears…. Read More

How To Protect Eyes from Computer Screen

  After working on a computer or browsing on your phone for too long, do your eyes become tired, dry, or strained? Then you’ve experienced what so many others have: digital eye strain. The past year has pushed many people to work or take classes from home, which leads to increased hours of screen time…. Read More

The Most Common Cause of Dry Eye: Blepharitis

  Few things are as frustrating as dealing with dry eyes. There are several causes for dry eyes, including staring at your phone or computer screen for too long, the wind blowing in your eyes, and seasonal allergies. Do your eyes dry out often? Not sure what’s causing your eyes to dry out? You may… Read More

How Can Diabetes Affect My Vision?

People who have diabetes are at an increased risk of developing vision issues. If you have diabetes, you should get your eyes regularly checked. Scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor at least once a year can help you catch early signs that your vision may be affected by your diabetes diagnosis. Learn more about… Read More

What Causes Bloodshot Eyes?

Red or bloodshot eyes can occur for several different reasons, from allergies to corneal ulcers. Even the appearance of bloodshot eyes varies. You may notice pink or red lines in the sclera—the white area of your eyes. It’s also possible for the entire sclera to appear a shade of pink or red. Bloodshot eyes may… Read More

PRK Eye Surgery: Benefits and More

Picture this, you’re just about to head out of the house so you do a quick check to make sure you have everything you need. But when you arrive you realize you forgot something—your glasses/contacts. If you’ve felt that frustration before, then it’s time to consider what PRK eye surgery can do for you. Here… Read More

Coronavirus and Your Eyes

There is a lot that is still unknown about the coronavirus.  One thing we do know is that pink eye can be a symptom of the coronavirus.  And, we know that the coronavirus and pink eye have some similarities. An Eye Related Symptom of Coronavirus – Pink Eye Pink eye is another term for conjunctivitis…. Read More


Cataract patients now have an option to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! NEW multi-focal IOL technology can now decrease dependence on glasses after surgery.

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