Vuity Eye Drops: Eye Drops To Replace Reading Glasses

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Are you tired of never having a pair of reading glasses handy when you need them? With Vuity eye drops, you won’t need to take your reading glasses everywhere you go. These FDA Approved, prescription eye drops provide the vision correction you need to see life through clear eyes. man sitting at table with reading glasses on to read morning newspaper

What Is Vuity Eye Drops? 

Vuity is an eye drop solution you apply in the morning to have better vision throughout the day. We recommend applying one drop to each eye daily. The drops start working after 15 minutes, and the effects last for up to six hours. The drop’s effectiveness will increase after 30 days of use. Each prescription lasts roughly 30 days. 


Vuity eye drops are the only FDA-approved eye drop that treats age-related blurry near vision—better known as presbyopia. The drop is most effective in people aged 40 to 55 who struggle to see clearly when performing daily tasks—such as reading your phone or computer screen. 

What Is Presbyopia?

Normal vs Presyopia eyePresbyopia is age-related blurry near vision. This vision condition—which primarily affects people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s—makes seeing small print difficult due to loss of focus. 

As you age, the ability of your eye muscles to transition between focusing on close and distant objects decreases. People with presbyopia usually need reading glasses or bifocals to read small print clearly. Thankfully, the Vuity eye drops help correct this vision problem. 

Effective Presbyopia Treatment

Compared to traditional treatments—including non-prescription reading glasses, prescription reading glasses, and eye surgeries like LASIK—the Presbyopia eye drop is an easier solution to restore clear vision. The Vuity eye drops increase the eyes’ ability to focus, helping people with blurry near vision to see clearly again.

Since the FDA’s approval of the Vuity eye drops, presbyopia patients have enjoyed life with greater clarity. If you have trouble reading the small print on your phone screen, computer screen, or print materials, the Presbyopia treatment eye drops might be the right treatment choice for you. 

To get a Vuity prescription or have questions about Presbyopia treatment, you’ll first need to schedule an appointment with a Cleveland Eye Clinic ophthalmologist for a routine eye exam. 

How Does Vuity Work?

By decreasing the size of your pupils, the Vuity eye drop increases overall vision focus to help you see small print with greater clarity. Presbyopia treatment only requires a simple application of one daily drop to each eye, and you’ll enjoy up to six hours of clear vision. A 30-day prescription of Vuity eye drops cost is about $79. 

Vuity Eye Drops, Where to Buy

Wondering how to get Vuity eye drops? They’re available at Cleveland Eye Clinic—Cleveland’s top eye care provider. Using cutting-edge vision techniques and treatments, our expert ophthalmologists have helped patients achieve their full vision potential since 1943. Led by expert providers and unmatched patient satisfaction, we do everything it takes to restore clear vision. 

Before you shop Vuity eye drops, schedule a routine eye exam appointment with the vision experts at Cleveland Eye Clinic.

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